Frequently Asked Questions

What is micronization?

Micronization is a technique used for pharmaceuticals to mill powders to a smaller and more spherical size and shape. At Couleur Caramel, we use this technique for all our powders. This innovative technique allows us to reduce the powder to a size 9 times less than that of traditional makeup (90 - 100 microns), it allows for the particles to roll, because of their spherical shape, and also enter uniformly in and out of lines of the skin, adapting to facial expressions, while maintaining perfect coverage, since gravity doesn't affect as much as traditional makeup. All powders are reduced to approximately 9 - 11 microns, except the eyeshadow which is reduced to approximately 12.5 to 13.5 microns for better hold to constant movement of the eyelids.

Does micronization have anything to do with nanotechnology?

Yes and no, the technique is the same, however the size is different. Nanotechnology is based on reducing particles to nanometers and is known to clog pores and cause other problems for the skin, 1 micron = 1000 nanometers, with this in mind our finest powders are 100's if not thousands of times larger than the sizes used in nanotechnology.

What is the Ecocert certification?

Ecocert is a private organic certification organization from France, which has become world recognized for their certification of foods and cosmetics. There are several levels of certification, which start from the source of the ingredients to the way the ingredients and final products are handled, transported, packaged and stored. Aside from the organic origins and percentages of ingredients needing to be organic of natural there are regulations against certain natural and a lot of synthetic ingredients the processes must be sustainable.

What is the definition of a true Organic product?

In order for a product or ingredient to be 100% organic, guideline must be followed:

  • Must be grown from the earth in time managed crops
  • No synthetic fertilizers are allowed
  • Crops must be grown to fully ripe
  • Absolutely no pesticides, germicides or fungicides
  • Last but not least, it needs to be certified

What is the difference between natural products and organic products?

Natural is a very loose term, mineral oil is natural, arsenic is natural, a rock is natural, blood is natural, water is natural, most acids are natural. Basically anything that has come from the earth is natural. Organic, on the other hand, is very specific (see "What is the definition of a true Organic product?"). It's not possible to compare the two, but at Couleur Caramel we have decided that for the purposes of our line we would define what we consider to be natural ingredients. We get the majority of our ingredients from mineral, vegetables, fruit and other natural extracts. We refuse to use any parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEGs and mineral oil in any of our products. These are found in a lot of makeup lines, who would generally call themselves natural.

What is the certification Couleur Caramel has with Ecocert?

For the most part we have a Cosmebio BIO label, which is the highest standard they give for cosmetics, which basically means that a minimum of 95% of the specific item is of natural origin (by strict standards) and that 95% of the certifiable ingredients are in fact organic. The step below is called ECO label and is base don 95% of the specific item from natural origin and that 50% of the certifiable ingredients are organic. There are the only 2 organic certifications the Cosmebio section of Ecocert gives out.

Where can I see the products in person?

We're still very new to the US, so we only have limited stores who carry us. In France the distribution network is through beauty salons and spas throughout the country, we're planning on doing something similar in the US, so be sure to ask your stylist about carrying our line. Please see our list of retailers at this link:

How do I become a retailer?

Easy, please fill out the form at this link:

Are there any career opportunities with Couleur Caramel?

Yes, we are always looking for regional salespeople. Our package is aggressive, but solely based on results. Please follow this link to apply: Makeup artists can get qualified to carry the line and earn commission through sales via our website. The idea is that you would use the products on your customer and when they purchase online you receive a commission. This program is in the works, but check in again soon for a link to get setup.

How can I get a personalized consultation?

We are working on our website now to setup live chat sessions with high caliber makeup artists who can suggest colors, looks and even teach application techniques based on an uploaded picture.

What does the Organic logo mean?

This logo means that this item is certified organic by Ecocert. In order to be considered organic by this label 95% of the certifiable ingredients need to be of Organic origin.

What does the Gluten Free logo mean?

This logo means that this item is Gluten Free.

What does the Vegan logo mean?

This logo means that this item is Vegan. Items which do not display this logo are not Vegan, because they contain Bee’s Wax and/or Carmine as an ingredient and therefore cannot be considered truly vegan.